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About Carey

Inspirations have come to me in many stages and phases of my life; from being born in Los Angeles and raised in Jamaica, then moving to Miami.  My family's haven was surrounded by mystic blue water.  

As a child I had many hobbies and found at the age of ten I had a desire to fish.   If I wasn't fishing with my circle hooks, free diving,  or spear fishing with my cousin, I would enjoy some of my favorite fruits, grapes and mangos.  

Luscious mangoes, juicy and sweet, the Queen of all fruits had me captivated and curious!  Could I carve a circle hook out of this?  I went on a carving frenzy carving circle hooks for a Jamaican fruit salad, while my mom Kay, entertained by my antics, sipped her favorite red wine.  Knowing mom loved wine I attempted to master the art of wine making by first trying to make wine from sea grapes, not delicious!  

I do have a taste for sweet berries and found the plump blueberries, blackberries, black cherries and red berries to be tantalizing and tasty, not to mention much easier to mash!

Nowadays, I stick to what I do best: painting my favorite marine and fishing scenes, designing jewelry and fishing the oceans with friends. The wines, my love has not diminished. I hand picked each of my wines and consume them every chance I get, and I am personally involved in their production process. That's why I am proud to add my name and art work to each bottle.

I hope you truly enjoy my wine and jewelry creations, they will have you hooked!

Carey Chen, April 2, 2013


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